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Aqualung AquaFlex 3mm Women's Wetsuit

Aqualung AquaFlex 3mm Women's Wetsuit
Aqualung AquaFlex 3mm Women's Wetsuit

Aqualung AquaFlex 3mm Women's Wetsuit   Aqualung AquaFlex 3mm Women's Wetsuit

Aqualung AquaFlex 3mm Women's Wetsuit. The AquaFlex Wetsuit line, with super-stretch neoprene, provides the ultimate in comfort and quality. With the full super-stretch neoprene used throughout, plus the liquid-sealed seams, the AquaFlex's quality stands out amongst the competition.

The suits are made with AquaFlex neoprene which has three times the stretch of standard neoprene, making the suit easy to get on and off and ensures a great fit for every, body shape. The seams are glued and blind stitched, then sealed with liquid rubber, which make them durable and protects them from unravelling and keeps water out and warmth in. The left sleeve is outfitted with a silicone traction pad to keep wrist dive computers from rotating when neoprene compresses. The internal chest and back panels have a thermal loop laminate to help keep warmth at the body's core.

The AquaFlex Wetsuit comes in 3mm thickness, the base thickness of the neoprene layer before the nylon outer and inner layers are added. The outer nylon material is resistant to abrasions and hook-and-loop materials due to the tighter weave.

This keeps the suit looking good and functioning well. The inner material is ultra-soft, making these suits easy to don and doff. Neoprene is an environmentally non-petroleum-based material. Skin-in-neck seal provides for a comfortable stretch and seals out water.

Pre-bent anatomic legs and arms for comfort. Suit has a YKK #10 YKK back zipper with pull tab leash. Suit has Supratex knee pads for strength and durability in this high wear area. Wrist cuffs are made with Spandex edge tape. The Aqualung AquaFlex Wetsuit is available in multiple sizes.

From the Manufacture The name AquaFlex has become synonymous the world over for stretch, comfort, and warmth. The 3mm Men's AquaFlex wetsuit represents the highest quality on the market today. All AquaFlex suits are made of four-way stretch neoprene, liquid rubber-sealed seams for warmth and durability and a host of other special features that make them ideal for scuba diving.

Feel & Fit Four-Way Stretch Made of four-way stretch neoprene throughout, which has 3x the stretch of standard neoprene. The result is improved range of motion, easy on/off, and a better fit for every body shape. No Restrictive Edge Tape Because traditional edge tape at the ankles and wrists kills the stretch on most wetsuits, we've removed it. But instead of leaving the edge raw, we've fused it with our unique X-Tend cuff finish that preserves the stretch and has a polished look that is also extremely durable. Sculpted Silhouette Sleeves and legs are cut to mirror a gentle, natural flexion in the elbows and knees.

This reduces bunching material at the joints, helping you move more effortlessly and comfortably. Powertex Kneepads How can we provide durable abrasion resistance without sacrificing stretch? Aqualung's Powertex kneepad material is tough, yet highly flexible. Dive Computer-Friendly The left sleeve is outfitted with a silicone traction pad to keep your dive computer from rotating once the neoprene compresses under water.

Non-Snag Material The tight weave of the outer nylon material is resistant to abrasions and Velcro snags. Looking good may not be on your dive checklist, but it doesn't hurt. Easy on Skin The inner material is ultra-soft, making it easier to put on and take off the suit. Warmth & Protection Liquid Rubber Seams Seams are sealed with liquid rubber to keep warmth in and water out. It also protects them from unraveling. Specialized Seals "Skin-In" neck seal seals out water without compromising on stretch or comfort. Core Concentration Specialized, looped material inside the chest and back keep warmth at your core, where you need it most. Environmentally Conscious Non-Petroleum-Based With an eye toward better environmental health, this neoprene is made of non-petroleum-based material. Aqualung Aquaflex 3mm Women's Wetsuit. Super-Stretch Neoprene, Provides Ultimate in Comfort and Quality. Quality Stands Out Amongst the Competition. Three Times the Stretch of Standard Neoprene.

Ensures Great Fit for Every-Body Shape. Cuffs All Fused w/X-Tend Technology. X-Tend Technology: Minimizes Fraying and Maximizes Stretch.

3mm AquaFlex Nylon-2 Neoprene Used Throughout. Outer Nylon Material Resists Abrasions & Hook-and-Loop Materials Due to Tight Weave. Keeps Suit Looking Good and Functioning Well. Inner Material Ultra-Soft, Making Suit Easy to Don and Doff.

Pre-Bent Anatomic Legs and Arms for Comfort. Knee Pads, Wrist and Ankles are Ultra-Stretchy.

#10-YKK Back Zipper Entry with Pull Tab Leash. Spandex Edge Tape Wrist and Ankles.

Glued and Blind Stitched Seams. Available in Wide Array of Sizes.

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  • SIZE: Large
  • Brand: Aqualung
  • Manufacturer: Aqualung
  • Gender: Womens
  • Scuba Suit Type: Fullsuits
  • Thickness: 3mm
  • Zipper Location: Back Zip

Aqualung AquaFlex 3mm Women's Wetsuit   Aqualung AquaFlex 3mm Women's Wetsuit