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O'neill Men's Psycho Tech Wetsuit Fuze 5.5/4mm Chest Zip Full Hood Large Short

O'neill Men's Psycho Tech Wetsuit Fuze 5.5/4mm Chest Zip Full Hood Large Short
O'neill Men's Psycho Tech Wetsuit Fuze 5.5/4mm Chest Zip Full Hood Large Short
O'neill Men's Psycho Tech Wetsuit Fuze 5.5/4mm Chest Zip Full Hood Large Short
O'neill Men's Psycho Tech Wetsuit Fuze 5.5/4mm Chest Zip Full Hood Large Short
O'neill Men's Psycho Tech Wetsuit Fuze 5.5/4mm Chest Zip Full Hood Large Short
O'neill Men's Psycho Tech Wetsuit Fuze 5.5/4mm Chest Zip Full Hood Large Short

O'neill Men's Psycho Tech Wetsuit Fuze 5.5/4mm Chest Zip Full Hood Large Short   O'neill Men's Psycho Tech Wetsuit Fuze 5.5/4mm Chest Zip Full Hood Large Short
Brand New With Tags O'NEILL MEN'S PSYCHO TECH 5.5/4MM CHEST ZIP FULL W/HOOD WETSUIT - LARGE SHORT. I bought this wetsuit about two month's ago and never got around to using it. The wetsuit has a few wrinkles that should come right out after it's used for the first time and then hung up. PLEASE DON'T HESITATE TO ASK ANY AND ALL QUESTIONS. ONeill has really taken the time to do the research and make the most high performance coldwater hooded wetsuit out there. Recently they released their new TB3 Neoprene, which is the biggest update youll see in the PsychoTech. Other than being lighter, and more flexible, its still the most watertight, easy to get into, high performance wetsuit out there for water temps from the low 50s down into the 40s. The latest and greatest version of the O'Neill Psycho Tech 5.5/4 Hooded Wetsuit is the same suit we all love, now fitted with Technobutter 3 Neoprene. Keeping a nearly identical design, the Hooded Psycho Tech was built to combat the rigors of hours spent paddling in cold temperatures.

Including the most advanced heat trapping elements, the Psycho Tech has external fluid seam welds, internal taping in critical areas and quick drying TechnoButter Air Firewall Smoothskin panels in the chest and back to block wind chill and soak up the sun's warmth. TB3 (TechnoButter 3) neoprene incorporates O'Neill's exclusive feather-lite ENVY foam core, creating one of the lightest and most flexible wetsuit components to date. The hydrophobic TB3 is strategically placed in the shoulders and extremities giving you maximum maneuverability where you need it, while TechnoButter Firewall Neoprene cushions the thighs and waist. This tactical combination of materials and seams delivers both long term durability and a snug, comfortable fit.

Focusing on a pleasant and productive experience in coldwater conditions the Psycho Tech ensures you get all the features you need without any of the extra bells and whistles. Wrist and ankle seals, durable knee pads, heavy duty zippers are all part of the package along with a toasty warm two-layer F. E chest zip that keeps water from entering at critical points and seams while retaining a relatively generous entry.

Offering the best bang for your buck, the O'Neill Psycho Tech is simply a high quality, high-performance surfing wetsuit. Neoprene: TB3 and TB-Air Firewall Neoprene.

Front Upper Zip Entry (chest) uses the same technology as our Patented Z. Zip entry with drain holes to keep you dry and feeling loose. Fluid Seam Weld, 8mm silicone-based urethane sealed exterior with a triple glued and blind stitched interior.

Watertight, durable and ultra flexible seam. Attached Hood with Visor and Cinch Lock. Water Resistant Red Zone Zipper. E 360° Barrier with Drian Holes. First off, the Cleanline team is beyond awesome!

I was just able to try out the suit itself for the first time earlier today - the water was right around 38-39 and I was in for a solid hour and a half. When I first tried it on, it felt like I was wearing a 3/2 getting ready for a summer swell! I love the fit, flex, and weightlessness of the thing. I did drop down from a 6/5 that I've worn the past few winters so I'll admit I wasn't quite as warm, but the suit did exactly as described by warming up with every movement I made - and the weight/flex gave me that extra energy to keep paddling around where I used to be absolutely dead after a paddle-out! Excited to see how this holds up through the colder air temps the rest of the winter, but I'm a believer now!!

O'neill's got it going! For reference, I'm 6'0, 170lbs with a bigger chest and the MT fits perfect.. This is my first thicket wetsuit so I have nothing to compare it to, but it seems to work great.

The suit doesnt get too much water in it unless youre really getting thrown around. Also, I have zero problem paddling or moving around; it feels similar to my lower end ONeill 3mm. All in all great suit and no complaints! Great Service from Cleanline and a great wetsuit!

This is a great wetsuit! Warm, light in weight, flexible... And, easy to get in and out of...

Warm is the word, and now I have no worries about getting cold at any of the local rivermouths with cold winter runoff. I would highly recommend this suit to any of my surfing friends! Josh just wanted to give you update on new suit. Wind came late yesterday 3pm.

Got rigged and in water 34 deg air and water blowing a gale too bad it got dark and I had to quit the new Pysco is GREAT!!! With new 6/5 mutant booties don, t even feel the cold.

Not only all this but clean line gave me a free shirt and a bar of wax! Good company for sure and this wetsuit is the bomb I surf all winter in the northeast so I need a great suit too. Epic suit, flexible and warm.

So comfortable and warm its an amzing suit and built super rugged. I have 2 of these for 2 session winter days. I can change and warm up and then pull a dry suit on for the afternoon session in the ultra cold northeast. Had a session in new suit the other day 35 air. Have the same suit in 4/3 just fabulous!

Have pyrotechs from 5 years ago those suits were and are great these have upped the game beyond belief. Wear this rubber on the Great Lakes enough good can not be said! The suit is great, the best Ive ever had so light and warm its insane feels like half the weight of my old ONeill suit.

But really Cleanline is the winner here. I have to say that customer service is really nice. I love this place they have a customer for life. Great wetsuit/ chest zip is great. I love the chest zipper and entry.

Very warm yet more range of movement than others. Had a nice Excel for about 7 years. Just called it quits in my hotline, I had for another 7. This is the Cadilac of suits.

You can move any place you want no struggle. This thing keeps water out very very well. It was between this and the nice rip curl, this one fit me better as Im 6 solid buck 80. Little bit taller inseam and longer arms I noticed compared to the high end rip curl.

Went to the usual cape lookout in some heavier conditions twice now and Im so impressed. Closest to no wetsuit you can find, doing laps around my mates! All bs aside its a great suit, I get out maybe 50 times per year so I should get about 2-3 years Im hoping with this tech. Went out today (early January) using the 5.5/4.

Generally I stay pretty warm anyways and this suit was so warm I could easily have had a thinner wetsuit. If you feel the cold and want a really warm suit that was pretty easy to get off (even with those tired, after surf shoulders) this suit is for you. I wore slightly thin booties, which at the end of my surf got a little chilled but my body didnt get cold at all and I stayed out for almost 3 hours. January 1st, 2018 - Best winter suit I've ever had. I thought my last O'neill was awesome, but this one is even better.

For a 5.5 mil suit it is super stretchy. The form fitting cut doesn't stifle paddling even on the longest sessions.

The inside material doesn't grip to your skin so it's super easy to slide in and out of, dry or wet. Just about all of the high end wetsuits are really good now, but if you are looking for a high performance suit that works great for surfing a few times a week, go with an O'neill.

Psycho Tech Again and Again. He surfs the Wa coast just about every weekend, and this is the suit he swears by.

THE suit for the PNW. SO light and flexible yet so warm. No flushing even when you end up in the washing machine. All the reviews and ratings for this suit are spot on.

I wore Rip Curl for over 15 years, but this suit takes wetsuit technology a step higher. Surfing the northeast, winter water temps 45, this suit is so warm.

Easy in and out, really important changing in the parking lot. This suit just works, it keeps you plenty warm even on the coldest NW days. I've worn almost all major wetsuit brands 5/4's and this is the best suit I have owned yet. The quality of this suits construction is hands down the best out there which I have seen. When I compare side by side my Xcel Drylock 5/4 you can see quality differences in the seams (and Xcel is no slouch). Suit drys quick and is flexible for a 5/4. What else do you need? Also, I had an older version of this suit (2015) and noticeable improvements have been made in regard to wetsuit material. Only downfall to this suit is the hood, the visor is abnormally large and goofy looking so I just trimmed mine down with scissors. Hands down the best suit I have owned. Buttery feel ultra warm water tight. The flexibility in this suit is impressive The boys at cleanline said this was the suit to get I was not at all disappointed. Josh Gizdavich, Owner of Cleanline Surf.

So I've worn pretty much all of the major supplier's wetsuits available and obviously, everyone has their own opinions, likes, and dislikes. These are strictly my opinions so of course take all I say with a grain of salt. I've been wearing wetsuits for about 45 years now in the cold waters of the northwest (northern Oregon where the Columbia river meets the Pacific Ocean).

I've been wearing Patagonia wetsuits for the last three years and Ripcurl for three or four years previous. Before that was O'Neill and for many years Hotline was the choice for me. I only have allegiance to the best.

I wear what I think is the best because my wetsuit is my most important tool. Paavo, my manager (awesome surfer, incredible guy)keeps telling me (and customers) what a killer wetsuit this is, and I really respect his opinion. Definitely O'Neill's flagship and best wetsuit ever! So here is what I found, great, super soft, flexible and just buttery (Techno rubber) Neoprene. In the water the suit is unbelievably water tight. I couldn't believe how dry I stayed for a 2 and a half hour sesh. Also it's really REALLY warm. While sitting on my board between sets I could feel the sun baking the firewall interior lining like it was an electric vest! This is one GREAT wetsuit! Super warm and way more flexible than R4 yulex!

Super warm like R4 yulex. And wayyyyyyy more flexible and soft than R4.

I feel free to rotate my shoulder, the hood is not to tight, and very easy to take on and off! Best suit I've ever owned. This is my 2nd psycho tech 5.5/4.

Have not used this one yet but my old one last 3 seasons of heavy east coast use. Soft flexible warm everything you want out of a winter suit. My 1st choice in winter suits. 5'7" - 5'9". 36 1/2 - 37 1/2. 28 1/2 - 29 1/2.

5'8" - 5'10". 5'6 1/2" - 5'8 1/2". 5'9" - 5'11". 6'1" - 6'3". 5'7 1/2" - 5'9 1/2".

6'2" - 6'4". 5'8 1/2" - 5'10 1/2". 5'11" - 6'1".

6'3 - 6'5. 5'9 1/2" -5'11 1/2". 6'1" - 6'4". The item "O'NEILL MEN'S PSYCHO TECH WETSUIT FUZE 5.5/4MM CHEST ZIP FULL HOOD LARGE SHORT" is in sale since Wednesday, April 17, 2019. This item is in the category "Sporting Goods\Water Sports\Wetsuits & Drysuits\Wetsuits\Women". The seller is "greatstuff451" and is located in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. This item can be shipped to United States.

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O'neill Men's Psycho Tech Wetsuit Fuze 5.5/4mm Chest Zip Full Hood Large Short   O'neill Men's Psycho Tech Wetsuit Fuze 5.5/4mm Chest Zip Full Hood Large Short